Is Your Business Using Case Studies?

A case study can be a valuable tool to show customers what your business can offer. But case studies are rarely used, and when they are, they tend to not be used to their full potential. In this article we will discuss what they are, how they can be fully utilized and what to do to create a great case study.


Customer Communication is Key

As a designer the key to success is getting your customers the final product they want. Often this can be difficult because we all can communicate in very different ways. Without the ability to understand your customer’s desires, you will find the creative process very time consuming if not impossible to complete.

While there are no hard rules that apply to every design situation, there are some guidelines you can follow that will make the creative process faster and more enjoyable for both you and your customers.


How To Create A Sunburst Effect In Illustrator

A sunburst or sun rays effect can have many applications from scenic to dramatic back lighting of objects. Once you get the technique down you’ll be looking for excuses to use it because it couldn’t be more simple. This exercise is different from others you will see on the internet. Often the other methods require transforming straight lines into spheres or other manipulation methods that do not translate well into all applications.


In this lesson we'll use methods that allow you to use the file in any application without format issues and have you creating like a pro.


"Customer Service" - Two Words in Conflict

It seems like every week there is some reason to contact a company to get something resolved. In every call you have to assume that things will work out and try, as best you can, to not let previous experiences influence your approach in a negative way. In theory it all sounds like a reasonable approach, but it can quickly fall apart when the state of “customer support” is worse than ever.

No matter what the problem may be it seems that the customer support team is there to help the company and not the customer. Whether it is helping the company by paying for reps that are overseas or by issuing policies that remove the ability for a rep to help customers, companies seem increasingly less concerned about customer satisfaction. Obviously any employee of a company is there to serve the best interest of the company, but the perception was always given that they were at least there to help the customer.


How To Find A Web Designer

From personal blogs to online stores, when it comes to choosing a web designer, knowing how to select the person or company that is right for you can be very difficult. To ensure you get a final product that meets or exceeds your expectations, you should use a process to narrow down your search of web designers.

As the customer you need to be ready, or close to ready, to start the project. You need to have worked out some of the details and have an opinion about how the site is structured, how it functions and your desired goals for the site.


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